How to avoid the mistake Melania Trump made during the Trump Presidential Campaign

You remember that famous speech Melania gave during the Trump Presidential campaign last year?

If you didn’t get a wind of that, I’d do a bit of a recap.

In 2008 during the Democratic Convention, Michelle Obama delivered a resounding speech all in the bid to garner support and build confidence in the people about the vision and possibilities that existed with having Obama as President of the United States of America. The speech was simply breathtaking and literally got people on their toes and their hearts burning with passion for the candidacy of her husband.

The only problem with this was that just a few years later (precisely 2016), Melania Trump will utter the exact same words that Michelle had said years back. The only difference being that while Michelle spoke with so much passion and enthusiasm, Melania was simply a counterfeit of that.


The fault is definitely from her speechwriter. Most top personalities, government officials, and the likes usually have speechwriters who put together the lofty words we hear them speak. Great speakers amongst them still take out time to practice and deepen the message so that when they speak it resonates not only with them but with the audience that hears them.

So, this is why when I and my team take on Ghostwriting project for our various clients along different topics and themes, we write 100% original content that resonates with the author of the book and communicates their intentions clearly.

One of the biggest setbacks to creativity in the writing and publishing industry is PLAGIARISM. If you intend to write a book, do well to avoid plagiarism. If you need to write great content for your book free of plagiarism, full of creativity and engaging to your readers, do well to hire a ghostwriter.

It is well worth your time, money and effort, plus it’s an enjoyable experience.

In case, you’re wondering who a ghostwriter is – a Ghostwriter doesn’t just write for people, they write AS people.

Don’t make the mistake Melania Trump made. It may be laughable, but it is unethical.

Say no to PLAGIARISM. Need help to write an irresistible book?

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Have a fruitful week.


Oluwatobi Adesanya

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Oluwatobi has been a creative writer for over 8 years running. Over the years, he has tapped into the value chain in writing and now provides services as an editor, proofreader, and an online publishing consultant. He serves international clients through Upwork and local clients via his online publishing solutions firm.

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