Dear Writer, are you losing your readers? Here are 5 ways to get them back

So, you’ve decided to take your writing to the next level, huh? You’ve decided to implement all the writing tips you have been reading, right? Well, this is a good resolve, only you need to be careful not to overdo your writings.

Readers have something called Patience Limit. You overdo your writing, make it complex, you lose them! Writers have the tendency to try to make their piece flawless, perfect and award-winning. Due to this, they may include too much detail, rare vocabulary and complex grammatical structuring (I just did that).

Readers love simplicity, and once a reader discovers that he has to visit the dictionary for every line he reads, he’ll get frustrated and as a writer, you may have failed to pass your message or get your point across or sell that course or book that took you months to put together.

You should not unnecessarily describe every action, in fact, you need to believe in your reader’s ability to be imaginative. For storytellers, description is usually appreciated but readers will value your writing if you’re into instruction or motivational writing, if you go straight to the point. You do not need excessive use of strange vocabulary to show how, “in the know,” you are. To actually achieve this (i.e show your readers how knowledgeable you are), you may consider sharing your experiences and how you surmounted them rather than filling your write-ups with ambiguous information.

The question now is, how can you make your readers love you and anticipate your next piece?

Let your writing be logical:

This means that you should start your writing with a foundation, then build upon it and give it a good ending. You should not mix the beginning with the end, you should make sure that your writing has progression and at the end, the reader can say, “Now I understand why all that happened previously, rather than, “Why didn’t he say this before?” If you write logically, you’ll be respected.

Your readers won’t have to flip several pages back just to understand what you’re trying to say. Instead of this: Daniel died, he went to a party, he had an accident, he was bored and he had too much to drink. You should write this: Daniel was bored, he went to a party, he had too much to drink, got involved in an accident while driving and died. That is how to be logical.

Introduce extreme clarity:

Yes, suspense can be good but generally, do not let your readers leave your write-up for another to gain clarity, except they want more information. Clarity of words is very important. Avoid ambiguous words. Clarity of message is also very vital. All your plot should lead to something central.

Use humor:

There is no better way to keep your readers glued to your piece than to make them smile or laugh so go out of your way to learn the art of humor.

The fastest way to lose your credibility is to grossly commit errors time and again in your writing.

• Avoid errors:

The fastest way to lose your credibility is to grossly commit errors time and again in your writing. Grammatical, typographical and punctuational errors are to be avoided like a plague. As a writer, you could hire a professional editor or get trained in editing and proofreading.

There’s a joy that comes along when you say, “I created this myself!” You should experience it often.

Creativity is really fun!

• Avoid plagiarism:

People who are given to reading they can easily spot something they’ve seen somewhere else. Be creative, imaginative, no matter how tempted you are, just know that the more you create your own content,  the better you’d get at it. 

Here’s the really bad part about this…

You don’t only stand a chance of losing your readership, you lose your credibility and perhaps, your resources if you end up getting sued. There’s a joy that comes along when you say, “I created this myself!” You should experience it often.

Creativity is really fun!

These tips would aid you and make you leverage the power of an audience. They can be applied irrespective of your genre of writing so go out there and explore.


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Oluwatobi has been a creative writer for over 8 years running. Over the years, he has tapped into the value chain in writing and now provides services as an editor, proofreader, and an online publishing consultant. He serves international clients through Upwork and local clients via his online publishing solutions firm.

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  1. One thing I’ve always appreciated when reading, is the simplicity conveyed by the writer through his choice of words.Running to the dictionary just to get what a writer means kills the excitement quickly.Thanks

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