Afraid of Piracy?

3 Ways Earn Big Before Pirates Can Get Your Book

If you are afraid of your book book getting plagiarized or pirated then you have no business writing in the first place. The other day I learned that the popular book by Vlogger, Toke Makinwa, titled "On Becoming" was pirated and distributed freely in PDF form.

Apparently, the pirator (I just invented that word) read the book from Okadabooks or something, then, screenshotted every single page, transferred them and made them into one single PDF file for others to download.

This book may have cost Toke a fortune to publish, but the pirator has no chill. He wants to ensure that he rubs the author of the rewards of her sweat. Most successful books from popular authors have been pirated over the years and there is very little that can be done, especially in this part of the world. It may be a big offence punishable by law in advanced countries, but in Nigeria, and perhaps some other nations, this is almost non-existent.

Now if my own posts which have been published on Facebook can be ripped off and published on several other blogs, or directly copied by someone on my timeline (sometimes without credit), how much more a successful book from a prominent personality.

Piracy doesn't only exist in the movies or on the Caribbean, they are very well active in the publishing industry too. They are like bugs that eat deep into the revenue that should accrue to an author.


So, what you can you do? There sure has to be a way out.

I don't have legal information, but I have something that works....

By doing these, you can make sure to earn back more than you have spent, long before the pirates set in to drain you....

1. Develop a Pre-Order Strategy:

Pre-order is simply a way to purchase a product before it is fully available. Usually, this comes with an incentive to lure people to buy. It may come at a cheaper rate or a discount or some other incentive. This way, the author already begins to earn before the pirates set in. I love the man, Elon Musk, he has evolved a strategy that helps him earn to the tune of billions of dollars long before his cars are released. For instance, the Model 3 Tesla was preordered by millions of people long before it was released. The recent Semi-truck and Sportscar have already earned millions of dollars already and the vehicles will be released in 2019.

That's a Pre-order strategy right there. It helps you to start earning long before your book ever leaves your hands.

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2. Ramp up book sales in the first week and months following the book release:

This is when the rubber hits the road. As soon as the books are released, there should already be distribution channels readily available for the books to be displayed and sold. These could be prominent bookstores, organizing a book launch, book signing, book reading event, or some contest that could drive the sales of your book.

Do you know that one of the Harry Potter series sold over 11 million copies in one night? That's a record breaker. No wonder J.K Rowling ended up becoming the first ever author to become a Forbes Billionaire (though she has dropped in the rankings now).

3. Organize book readings and contests, or attend a Writers Conference around your book.

Book readings are just like movies at the Cinema. It gives people an inside-view about your book and you as the author. This is very important. Book readings help you to connect with the kinds of people that will need your book and this can go a long way in driving the sales of the book and helping your book reach the hands of those who need it exactly.

Once your book goes digital (i.e. sold in Ebook format), it is only a matter of time before the pirates get their hands on it and leak it to the world.

If you are reading this, I believe you can be that change maker. In any circles you belong where the works of an author is circulated without 'prior permission' (like most books say in the first few pages) you can lend your voice, give advice on why people should desist from doing that.

If the book is of much value, then exchanging value (money) for it shouldn't also be a problem.

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