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Same Value. Same Experience

Have you caught a picture of your great future yet remained stuck in the same spot for so long?


In the journey to greatness, you'd face challenges. Facing a challenge is inevitable, but staying stuck is optional. 

In this book, you'd find the required push to:

  1. Take destiny defining decisions.
  2. Courageously move in the direction of your biggest dreams.
  3. Deal with your past and press forward.

It also includes practical stories and illustrations that drive home the core message of this book. 

It's time to take a LEAP.

To order a copy, simply pay N1000. Click on the button below. 

Once your payment is made, you'd be directed to the link automatically. 

No hassles!





When you purchase this book, please, do not share this with anyone else. If this book adds much value to you and you desire your friends to have it, by all means, direct them to the page where you bought the book

Taking this simple action goes a long way in curbing intellectual theft of the author’s hard work. Not only for me, but for every author out there.

Thanks for your compliance.


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Oluwatobi is a ghostwriter, editor and publisher. He is the Creative Director of Heart2World Publishing.

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