Our Team


Oluwatobi Adesanya

Oluwatobi has been a creative writer for over 8 years running.  Over the years, he has tapped into the value chain in writing and now provides services as an editor, proofreader, and an online publishing consultant. He serves international clients both international and local his online publishing solutions firm. He's the CEO of Heart2World Publishing; a fast growing platform that provides all round publishing solutions from Ghostwriting to publishing. 

He's also the author of over 5 Ebooks; some of the titles include: TAKE UP YOUR BED (An Awakening From Mediocrity), The Three Vs of Vision, CRESTED TO SERVE amongst others.

One of Oluwatobi's greatest discovery is that there are endless possibilities in the maximization of one thing, a mindset which formed the core message of his first book written in 2014. He has since helped others maximize their writing skill and talent. He's mostly quoted saying

''One of the greatest mistakes we make in life, is referring to our talents as hobbies. The very thing God gave us to make our lives easy and to build profit around, we turn into a thing of leisure".

Asides his business activities, Oluwatobi is an inspirational speaker and mentors young people through  Relevance Initiative-a Youth organization that hosts Instructions For the Tertiary -annual conferences for secondary school leavers and also has an online devotional. He's a graduate of Lagos State University.

He loves fried rice and chicken.

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Adeola Oshinaike

Adeola Oshinaike is a creative writer with a specialty in crafting stories and relating everyday experiences in an engaging manner, she enjoys great followership and gets people talking.

She is an expert copywriter who helps brands, personalities, and individuals to promote their content, product, and initiatives. With experience as a professional marketer, she leverages that experience in her writings too.

She's also the pioneer of Made Absolutely Different (MAD) Initiative.

You can find Adeola Oshinaike here on Facebook and Instagram.

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Cynthia Jon

Cynthia is passionate about writing and has been a writer for 6 years with special talent in fiction writing. She is currently the Chief Editor at Heart2World Publishing.

She holds the belief that writers are very powerful people because of their telepathic minds. It is this belief that she has taken a career path as an Editor to help writers edit their works to create the much-desired impact on their readers.
Cynthia loves to teach. She is the founder of Dextrous Youths- a writers club for teenagers.

You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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Joshua Oladele

Joshua is a startup consultant at Heart2World Publishing.

He has a passion for startups and enjoys supporting individuals who are looking to start, grow and finance their businesses. He believes that MSMEs are the future of entrepreneurship and at the forefront of industrial growth in Nigeria and tailors his solutions to help these businesses take off and achieve scale.

He works as a consulting analyst helping small and medium businesses drive growth through fund sourcing, strategic business planning, and development of transformational growth plans.

Having acquired wealth of experience working with a management consulting firm, Joshua has gained practical insight on business planning, business financing, growth strategies and human resource management. He has written business plans for businesses across various industries that has successfully raised funding both small, medium and large investments and projects.

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