Why Heart2World Publishing

A friend constantly related to me the revelation behind the parable of the talents (a parable that today hasn’t ceased to fascinate me as I get to draw out deep lessons every time I meditate on it). He constantly mentioned that the one talent man could have done far more that those who had 2 and 5 talents. Why? This was because through focus he would have been able to unravel more profits and benefits than the others who had more to deal with within the same amount of time allotted.

Here’s what broke the camel’s back for me

I had always wanted to write a book, I made an attempt once and stopped half-way. Nonetheless, there were several thoughts and ideas of books to be written which constantly bugged my mind. One of them was on the parable of the talents amongst several others.

One discovery would see me defying all odds to get the thoughts that bugged my heart out. I went to visit a fellow corps member during my NYSC program and immediately I entered (as always) my curiosity kicked in. I found a chart on his wall with a flow chart which depicted clearly the line of products that could be gotten from crude oil when refined. In all, there were over 11 products on that chart. The other fellow I went with was entangled in the conversation with the corps member while I was lost in thought about the chart. Because in that moment, my first book was born. The revelation of how the parable of the talent (Especially the One Talent Man) and this chart seemed to create a chemical reaction of ideas in my imagination. From the experience came the phrase

”There are endless possibilities in the maximization of one thing”.

So, why do I share this?

Heart2World Publishing is a product of me choosing, unlike the One Talent Man, to maximize the one thing that I’m sure I possess- The Ability to Write. I chose to create value for writers, authors and anyone who has a message to share.

Here’s what I mean…

Just as crude oil can be refined into several other commodities and it serves different people and different purposes while also providing money, people can also, in the same way, get their works published in different formats and the writers can become impactful people and also earn from their products.

A writer may only have the talent to write, but when refined that talent will make a tremendous impact in the lives of others and also bring profit to the writers.

That’s my story!!!