Quantum LEAP Ebook is now available

Get Your Own Copy of Quantum LEAP Same Value. Same Experience Have you caught a picture of your great future yet remained stuck in the same spot for so long?   In the journey to greatness, you’d face challenges. Facing a challenge is inevitable, but staying stuck is optional.  In this book, you’d find the […]

Did someone steal your invention?

We all have ideas, don’t we? You were once a child and if you give it a little thought, you’d realize you had some pretty big ideas -some so big that your parents or guardians simply nodded in agreement just to boost your self-esteem. We all have had great ideas cross our minds, but not […]

40 Ghostwriters for one book?

Will you engage 40 writers to write your book? I guess only a few people can. I was scrolling through my News Feed yesternight and stumbled upon a news about a book launch. The former President Olusegun Obasanjo and the Prof. Osinbajo were in attendance. The book launch was in honor of Pastor Adeboye. The book titled […]