Don’t write a bad book again

Have you ever read a book you will consider bad? (We’d answer that question in a minute) Every year, millions of books are printed all over the world and authors relish in the fact that their books have finally come out in the open for people to read. Of those large numbers, only a handful […]

Over 250000 words written + more?

It’s been over four months since we began fully working on projects. There has been an increase in the technicality of projects done. It has also been an interesting one. Words are powerful, with over 200000 words written, it shows how vicious people are in wanting to communicate their thoughts to the world. With over […]

Why a C6 Grade in English Got Me So Excited

Very few people know that I often struggled with English Language as a subject while in secondary school. My mom always came to the rescue, helping me out with essays, compositions and comprehension passages given as assignments. Throughout senior secondary school, I dangled between the C5 and C6 grade. It was with a lot of […]

5 reasons why you need a good editor

I helped a young writer who sent in his about to be published manuscript (A prose work targetted at children) a couple of days ago and I gave an honest review. By the time, I was done writing the review and corrections I gave seemed like criticism, my editing advice struck at the root of […]