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So You Call Yourself an Entrepreneur?

This book opens you up to dimensions of entrepreneurship. The writer uses a no-nonsense style to communicate his core message yet it is embedded with a great deal of professionalism and experience.

This is a must read!!!

This book is written by Kizito Okorowu (Start Up Advisor & Consultant)

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Polishing Your Musical Talent

This is another book published by us. 

This book contains tips and principles for better musicianship. If you desire to improve your musical performance, this book is for you. 

It is written by Israel Folarin, CEO Crowns Music and Sound Firm.

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Unlocking Your Purpose and Passion

This is one book that takes you on a journey of discovering yourself.

Purpose indeed breeds passion.

Whenever you see anyone passionate about a cause, know that such a person has found purpose.

You too can discover your purpose and live life passionately.

This book is available for you.


Take Up Your Bed

This book is one of the classics from Oluwatobi Adesanya. This book covers five major areas that affects the lives of youths today namely, laziness, procrastination, financial challenges, sickness, and sexual vices.

This book clearly addresses these issues and also answers one fundamental question.

Find out on the inside!!!



Don’t Conclude Yet; Life Lessons From The Butterfly

This book is a Masterpiece from Pastor Emmanuel George. 

With revelation and creativity, the writer communicates to us how in many ways our lives are similar to the processes a butterfly goes through before it rises up in its full glory.

If you've been worried about your life or someone close to you and you feel there's no hope. Know today that there is hope. Just as the butterfly goes through ugly phases before the real beauty emerges, even so your case will be. So, don't conclude yet.

To find out more, this book is for you!!!


I got Just one talent, really? That’s more than enough

Here is the first ebook written by Oluwatobi Adesanya and published online in 2014. 

This book shows you how to maximize your talent even if you've got only one.

The major premise this book is built on is this....

There are endless possibilities in the maximization of one thing.

It further talks about talent development, deployment and maximization.




The 8 Disciplines for Success: How to be a success in the present and in the afterlife

This book is a masterpiece written by Daniel C. Emmanuel.

It takes on a journey of how to become a success not only on earth but afterlife here. The principles are time tested and scripturally based and most importantly these principles have become an integral part of the author's life and this he shares in the book.

This book is available for purchase on Amazon.


Ignite Your Purpose

This is another awesome book from James Asu (OlaPurpose). 

Purpose isn't gotten by speculation but by revelation. Hence, each person must be ignited, set on course by God for the journey of purpose. This book shows you how.


Where is God When You Need Him- Answering vital questions on the efficacy of prayer

The concept of prayer is known by everyone, yet it is one of the most misunderstood concepts amongst men. Truly, prayer is communication God and He certainly always hears our cries and our calls anytime we do. There are certain times prayers are done and it seems God is silent or distant, does it mean He doesn't care about our plight or understand the weight of our request? Where is God when we really need Him?

This and more are the questions this book answers. The writer via the inspiration of God has been able to put this short ebook together to bless the world.

This is a Must Read.

About the Author

Seun Adebowale is passionate about raising and training champions in life to make ready a people prepared for the Lord. He writes, he preaches, he teaches and he believes that a few can make a remarkable positive impact. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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