Ghostwriting Packages

We can't wait to help you get your manuscript completed

These are our ghostwriting services

Ghostwriting Basic


You have a pressing message to share and you need your manuscript done as quick as possible. This package is designed for clients who want a quick turnaround on their book, precisely content generation alone. 

If this looks like you, book here.

Here are the benefits of this package:

  1. 100% unique content for the book. 
  2. Content is written in author's own voice.
  3. A synopsis will be written after the book is completed (for promotional and pitching purposes).
  4. Free Ebook Publishing.

Ghostwriting PREMIUM


This PREMIUM package is for those who desire a complete package of our services. Here we will take you through the process of getting the content out from you, down through editing and proofreading.

Many of our clients choose this service.

Here's what you stand to get:

  1. 10o% unique content
  2. Content is written in author's own voice
  3. Synopsis is written for promotional purposes
  4. Professional Editing
  5. Proofreading
  6. Cover Designs
  7. Digital Publishing on Amazon Kindle.  




We also recognize the needs of people who only desire to have someone provide the tips and guidelines on how to get their books completed personally. If this looks like you, we can also help too.

You can hire a book writing coach here. We will help you through the process over a 3 months subscription period where you'd learn the art of:

  1. Generating the right content for your book.
  2. Chapterization of the book.
  3. How to avoid plagiarism.
  4. How to edit your work tightly
  5. Writing with clarity
  6. How to cite references in your work.
  7. Plus more

The training and guidelines will be delivered by coaching calls (Skype, WhatsApp, etc.), Facebook Secret Group, periodic emails, and one-on-one (where applicable and possible).