"I want to provide answers to perplexing questions I have heard people ask about the reality of God"

Interview with Hezekiah Tunde Philip

Can we meet you?

HEZEKIAH TUNDE PHILIP is my name. I'm a writer, an author, a teacher and preacher of the gospel.

What was the inspiration behind this book?

Basically, I draw my inspiration from the word of God and His Spirit. However, this book was born as I sought to provide answers to perplexing questions I have heard people asked about the reality of God, the Word of God, Holy Spirit, life etc. then the Holy Spirit inspired this book.

What things are you passionate about?

I am passionate about God. I’m passionate young people.


What challenges did you have while putting this book together?

Initially, I had to write and edit the manuscript on paper because I had no electronic gadget to work with at the time.

What purpose will your book serve in the lives of those who read?

It will bring a harvest of repentance, salvation. It will strengthen the weak, encourage the discouraged, motivate the hopeless, and draw the world to the attention of the truth that Jesus Christ is coming back again.

Who is this book meant for?

The message in the book is for peoples in all the Nations of the world. And in case I don't go to all the Nations of the world I am sending this book out to go to all the world.


What is your next BIG STEP?

Spreading the good news

My book is available on Okadabooks and Amazon Kindle