Promo Package


What’s the Promo about?

This is a value added package for writers and authors who intend to get their works published in the shortest time and also having a wide reach for their books online. It's no news that the internet has become the new marketplace and writers can also find a great niche to carve for themselves online. This package is designed to spur you up to action and to get your manuscripts dusted ready to be published.

Are you ready?

Features of this Promo

There's more value here than you can imagine...

  1. Get Published on Major Online platforms: no one needs to informed that digital publishing is here to stay. By subscribing to this promo package, your book we will help you  format and publish your book (s) on Amazon Kindle (The largest online bookstore in the world. A platform that has created best sellers and proved profitable for countless people), (an online bookstore that has strong links with Amazon. Books are easily seen and downloaded through this platform), Okadabooks (this is our very own Nigerian ebook initiative. Your book will be uploaded on Okadabooks- a platform with over 65,000 titles published), also on (the ultimate gospel digital store. We will help you open a membership profile and upload your books (afterward you can upload as many books as you have).
  2. Podcast and Blog Tour: before and after your books are published, you will be featured on top blogs such as Seasonedlifejournal (an online hub for Personal development and Inspiration) and on Promise Excel's Podcast, Heart2World Publishing Author Profiling + more
  3. Photoshoot: great pictures are needed to amplify your brand as a writer. Wendy Photography (a strong partner of Heart2World Publishing) will help you get this done. Please do check out the terms and conditions for more.
  4. Strategic Book Promotions: books don't sell themselves. We believe that a great book is one that sells. We will keep on promoting on all our social media platforms so as to generate leads for sales.
  5. Pioneer Members of Write-To-Publish Community: this community is dedicated to helping writers get published digitally as well as in print. This group is largely challenge based i.e. upon entering the group the goal for everyone is that within 18 months or less you will have at least one of your books prepared and published (digitally and in print as well).

Extras For You

By subscribing to this bundle, you will be pioneer students for the first ever Heart2World Publishing course called SMASH IT

It's the no-nonsense course to help you smash writers' block, lack of inspiration and laziness in your writing.

Ultimately, this course will help you in

1. Breaking limiting beliefs and patterns about writing.

2. Locating your own unique well of inspiration that never dries up.

3. Creating a regimen, discipline around your writing skill.

Who is the course for?

Well, it's not for everyone. It's for you who intend to develop your writing gift, this course will be best suited for writers who specialize/want to specialize in content generation, ghostwriting etc. 

What's the good part?

Since you've subscribed to the bundle package you will be receiving this course for FREE. The next time this course will be up, it will sure go for a handsome price.

How will this course be delivered?

1. It will be delivered to you straight in your mailbox.

2. You will be added to a closed Facebook Group where you and other participants will interact, submit assignments and spark creative ideas.

What other benefits are there?

A good number! As Heart2World Publishing expands, there will be more jobs to be done, outsourcing to others outside this community will be considered less. Jobs such as editing, proofreading and ghostwriting will be outsourced to members of this closed Facebook group as they arise.

Now. Let's get to SMASH IT


We are giving over 50% off our regular prices and the real cost of this offering and yet with, even more, value. We are passionate about helping you get your message out to your world.

The total price for this package is just N44,999.

Kindly note that this price is Fixed.

Terms and Conditions

Very Important

1. The cost of editing the manuscript (if not already done)is included only for not more than 5000 words. When the word count exceeds this number, extra charges will apply.

2. This promo lasts until December 31st. The prices will be reverted afterward.

3. Payments are to be made in installments. The first payment being before the commencement of the project and the final payment at the closure of the project.

4. The Photoshoot with Wendy Photography will is only available for clients in Lagos State for now.



I'm interested, how do I subscribe?

Simple. Glad you asked.

You could use any of these means:

  1. Put a call through to us on 08134993450 or
  2. Send a mail to include the manuscript you intend to get published
  3. Fill this form

What happens next?

  1. We will send you a Project plan for your work.
  2. Upon your approval and initial payment (as stated in the terms and conditions) your project will commence.

How long will it take?

Your book will be completed and uploaded to all the online platforms in 2 weeks or less. There will be an ongoing support throughout the lifespan of your project.