Writing Services

Do you have a project to handle? Here's how we can help. We provide:

Ghostwriting Services- don't get scared! This simply means we write and you get the credit. We believe that you have a message to share with the world and you may not be having the chunk of time to birth your ideas. No worries!! We can get this done to you taste in the shortest possible time.

Business Writing: this involves creating compelling proposals for clients, business plans, Project Plans and Project Documents. We also provide valuable content for business blogs, books, and websites. 

Content Generation: content is king. Truly! When you need to craft creative and informative posts for your audience, we can get it done. Presently, we generate content for Social Enterprises and online pages.



Devour a Book

Editorial Services

Only the blank page needs no editing -Mary Scott


If the brain needs good books as much as your stomach needs good food, then ensure you feed the brain of your readers with a great book.

 We can help you get your book, article, or magazine editing done.

Here's how we can help:

Editing For Books: this is what we do. Our publishing packages involve providing editing services for books published (Ebooks & Print Books)

Proofreading- two heads are better than one. In the same way, having your work professionally edited and proofread makes your work much better.

Editing For Online Platforms: do you have a website or blog and you need to manage submissions ensuring that they meet your criteria? We can get this done for you. 


Publishing Services

Why prepare a great meal without the intention of eating it? 

Does any one do that? No one. Don't spend all the time writing and fail to hit PUBLISH

We provide services:

Digital Publishing: digital publishing is the way to go. As a matter of fact, we believe ebooks may save the planet. We can help get your books published in multiple formats namely PDF, EPUB, Mobile Apps and Kindle Format. As a publisher, we publish your books digitally on the following platforms Amazon Kindle, Okadabooks, Smashwords, Shuzia, and we help set up payment systems to earn from anywhere in the world.

Print Publishing: nothing compares to the feeling of holding your book in your own hands. With our great team and partners, we can get your books published and distributed to bookstores for sales.



Creative Designs

Design amplifies content.

A great book also has a great cover design. We provide great cover designs, mug shots, social media banners for promotions. The designs are also formatted to the different online platforms where promotions will be done.

Social Media Management and Promotion

Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.

- Amy Jo Martin

We provide constant social media promotions on Facebook, Twitter,Instagram as well as our blog. These ongoing promotions help increase followership of every of our clients and will also help in driving sales online.

Specifically, we provide:

Email Marketing to our growing subscriber base.

Facebook Promotions

Twitter Conferences/Chats

Instagram uploads 

amongst others


Hand pressing an online course button on blurred city lights background

Online Courses

The internet is the new University

We have courses designed to equip writers with the needed skills to move from amateur to professional. We also have courses designed to help writers brand themselves and to build a profile worth following. 

Watch This Space

Other Specialized Services

These services include:

  • Setting up author websites/blogs for writers
  • Audio Book Creation
  • Video Interviews with Clients
  • Featuring in our upcoming events